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A Note on spelling and grammar, I didn't write the passage below but it's a very good description of me...

Nicey's Lousy Grammar and Spelling - A Statement

The world is full of many many people all unique and all different. Some of those people have brains that easily remember the rules of grammar and the sequences of letters that spell out the words of our respective languages. Then again there are those who do not but are quite handy at making Origami animals out of biscuit wrappers. I dear reader fall soundly into the second camp. Difficult as it may be for the people in the first camp to understand the people in the second don't do it to be annoying. They don't do it because they are lazy. They often don't do it because they really know better. They do it because they are innately a bit useless at spelling and grammar. If their American spell checker sneaks in the odd 'Americanized' spelling, it sometimes goes unnoticed. It may sometimes even suggest the wrong word. Do the members of the second camp expect those in the first to make them a paper kangaroo from an old Club wrapper? They do not.


6 June 2016

Been aged since I've looked at the site, just added a few more adventure days and a couple of new toys!

22 August 2014

I Must be bored, its not been years between updates! Loads of Landy pages have been added here.

13 August 2014

Again i'ts been a while since I thought about the site but here's another update. A few more holiday & adventure pics, I'm on with another big Landy update which i'll get round to finishing and updating soon... Any comments/mistakes/suggestions feel free to e-mail!

30 April 2011

Ok, so it's been slightly more than months between updates but here we go. Whole new site which is still very much under construction, apart from the obvious changes the biggest updates are extra holiday pages and updated Landy pages. Any comments/mistakes/suggestions feel free to e-mail!

21 March 2007

As always it's been months between updates, and as usual not too much has changed. I've started my RIBA Part 3 course which is keeping me busy and i've managed to get the Landy back on the road. I've realised that the whole site could do with a revamp when I get round to it and with a bit of luck I will soon.

10 October 2007

Ok ok, so it's been a while since i've updated the site. Partly cos i've had some real computer problems and haven't been able to connect to the site and partly cos i'm lazy!. I'll be doing quite alot of updating to the portfolio pages to get them up to date when I eventually get round to it. I've now finished my uni course and so am back in sunny harrogate to complete my part 3. Got the landy back to yorkshire and decided to do a bit of a restoration and rebuild (have a look at the Landy pages for some photo's) so that should be back on the road again soon. I also got myself a little ford focus cos I needed something that would get me to work and back, do more the 40 miles an hour and not breakdown every 10 feet! I've also found that i'm addicted to Facebook... if you're not on there... Join Now!!!

09 April 2007

HAPPY EASTER!!! Argh... Less than 7 weeks of Uni left!

04 March 2007

Just a short one, mainly cos not alot's happening at the mo. Still plodding on with our final design theses, if anyone wants to know about sewage works i can tell you all about them!... Don't ask... long story! Just have 3 more crits and the degree show to go and that's it for my many years of uni, i think we finish in early June ish. I got the Landy back and it's now sat on my drive, wrapped in plastic. I have a whole list of stuff i'd like to do to it over the summer but i'll have to finish this course first (oh... and work out exactly how i'm going to get it from Liverpool back to North Yorkshire!) Until then it's going to sit and look sorry for it's self!

24th January 2007

Hello, had a bit of a rearrange of the site, partly because i've not updated it in ages but mostly as an extra way of avoiding doing any uni work! :0) I've updated the Toys page and the Links page. Also noticed that some of the page layouts are a bit off if you're browsing using Firefox and i'll have a look into it at some point, should all work fine in Explorer.

I'm still in my 5th and final year at uni, got my dissertation handed in so just a 5 month Thesis project to go and i'm done with uni for good. After a couple more years in practice I might finally qualify.. yey! Apart from that i'm playing a lot of squash and badminton and i've been on the bike quite a bit (mostly cos my poor old car was stolen and written off... Blaa.. I say to that! anyway click here for more info). Hopefully i'll try and keep this blog up to date with what's going on although not a lot's going to change for the next few months!

That's it for now!





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