A while ago I bought a pair of Kayaks from a friend, it was more or less buy one get one free. One was a very nice white water Dagger, the other was a longer fiberglass kayak which had seen much better days and was mostly gaffa tape. Having had them sat around not doing much for a while I decided it was time to give the old one a new lease of life!  
    As you can see there the poor thing had many patches, cracks, holes and splits! Having cut out all the bad fiberglass and sanded down all the patches I set to filling the holes and adding a couple of new layers of fiberglass to the hull. Lots of sanding time later it was starting to look a little better (and was hopfully now water tight!)  
    It took a while for me to make my mind up but I eventually decided black and orange was the way to go with the new colour. I kept the same marking on the deck and added some text to the hull. I was also in the process of moving house so managed to get access to the new garage early which helped.  
  So... While it now look very shiny, as with most projects I have its not quite finished, I've still got to finish the coving and get a new seat but for the moment it't now hanging in the garage waiting for its first outing.