Believe it or not this lump is called Buttercup, bought in Aug '04 what it actually is for anyone that's interested is a 1965 Series 2a with a couple of minor modifications, you can find a full spec list here (I don't like this list because it just reminds me of the stupid amount of money i've spent on the thing!). It's a good off-roader but with it's thirst for anything oil or diesel related and it's suspension designed in the 1920's it not the most comfortable thing in the world to drive. It is however quite a good weather gauge, if the inside of the windscreen is frozen, it cold, if the seats are wet it's raining and if they're too hot to touch its sunny!


May 05 - General Tinkering

July 05 - More General Tinkering

October 05 - Waxoyl

January 07 - Theft

January 08 - Rebuild 1

February 12 - Bed Time

September 12 - Home Time

Sept 12 - Feb 13- Rebuild 2

September 13 - Sound Proofing

November 13 - Suspension / Ragtop

June 14 - Wheels