So five years after the last rebuild i'm at it again, I seem to be missing a folder or two of photo's which i'll add if they turn up. The main work is a new rear half chassis and a 200Di engine converstion but as always with this sort of think once you start the list of other stuff that needs fixing grows with every step.

Below are some photo's of the rebuild with a few discriptions.



I'd been running an old Disco for a few months to test the engine properly and so having decided it was Ok the first job was to drop the engines out of both vehicles.


Engine out and loaded ready for it's trip to the Garage


The Disco was next, i'd originaly bought it with a view to using the engine so didn't pay very much. Unfortunatily it turned out to be a bit of a pup and cost a stupid amount of money over the time I had it on the road. Rear breaks, radiator, suspension mounts, starter motor, alternator all broke and needed replacing in 6 months. I'd enjoyed driving it but I gained quite a bit of satisfaction from taking a grinder and sledge hammer to it! At least the eninge was Ok..


Apart from the the new bit of chassis, it also needed various outriggers, cross members and mount points for the rollcage, all of which had to be lined up, levelled and welded properly. This was well beyond my abillities so I sent it off the the garage.


New Chassis waiting...


Got it back from the garage with the help of Tims Rangie.


The Disco engine will bolt straight onto the series box but it does need some slight adjustments and extra bolts. I was a bit nervious about doing this myself because a mistake couldn't really be undone but it went fine in the end.


Painting wings in the house... again...


Tim helping out with the roll cage.


Rear tub being prepared and painted...


...along with the bonnet.


Painting a prepping the new bits of chassis


Starting to look a bit better...


Painting the new footwells.


Dropping the new engine in took quite a while due to a slight miss-calculation on my part (the arm on engine crane i'd aquired was too short), but we got it in after lots of cursing. The Disco engine is a 2.5 turbo deisel which is far more powerfull than the series drivetrain was designed for, in the end and having found quite a good website (http://www.glencoyne.co.uk/200di.htm), I decided to take the turbo off and just run it as a 2.5 na, in theory this should be less stressfull on the engine, drop the power a bit and improve the fuel consumption. I'm keeping the turbo and all its bits just incase I change my mind though...


So here's where I run our of pictures...Once all the bodywork and interior was bolted back on it was sent off back to the garage for a few jobs, they finished the wiring, made up some brackets to mount the radiator and plummed in the engine. It then went for a MOT and so the skip was back on the road and looking quite shiny!


The new engine is far quicker than the old one and has alot more low end grunt, I did find though that it wasn't that happy doing more than about 55mph, it's my only car and my daily drive to work so a few weeks after getting back I replaced the original 4.7 diffs with 3.54 ones from an old defender. Thre are a couple of down sides to these, it's reduced the acceleration a little and the the overdrive isn't much use if there's any heavy weight in it or towing. On the upside though it will now sit on the motorway at 60mph all day quite happily, it will also do 70+ if your feeling brave and have your ear plugs!

Lastly I must thank everyone that's helped with lending me spare cars, shifting gear, advice and extra pairs of hands. In particular Simon at newnam street garage who's put in a lot of time and offered lots of advise and my brother for his many, many hours help and the use of his Range Rover, Ta Much!