It's been a while but the skip is back! Just about anyway. In January 2007 my poor old landy was stolen and writen off. You can read more here, but in short it was left in a pretty bad state. In the end I bought it back from the insurance company and after finally getting the full insurance back, I decided to rebuld.

A friend of a friend had an old shed which wasn't being used and so for a modest fee I got all the space I needed, power and a roof. It would have been just about perfect if the skylights had glass in them but I can't complain as it was considerably better than my other option, which was doing in the street outside my house! So with a lot of help from my brother and any one else stood in the wrong place at the wrong time we set to rebuilding.

Below are some photo's of the rebuild with a few discriptions.



After getting it back from Liverpool there was 2 major jobs that needed doing to get it back on the road (and about a million small ones). The main jobs were a new gearbox and re-wire. As lifting a gearbox is not the easiest thing in the world and I simply don't have the patience required for wiring I stripped it down and sent it off to someone who knows what their doing, while he was at it he also replaced or improved a few other bits as well. Namely, a new clutch, hand brake, gearbox mounts, fuel line, odd bits of welding etc. In theory all that left me to do was put it back together.


The landy's home for a couple of months.


Having the front end off and the seat box out meant that the chassis could be scrubbed down and given a few coats of Waxoyl, no pictures of this but hopefully it will give the chassis a few years more life.


Bodywork and rollcage primed for painting.


Before I got the landy back from the garage I'd acquired a set of ex-army Wolf wheels so we gave them a coat of paint as well. Nice wheels but as it turned out I was a little over enthusiastic, more about that later!


We put up some sheeting to stop the rain getting onto the paint and to help reduce the dust.


It did keep the rain off but did nothing for the dust, having said that as it was December, it was so cold and wet that dust was never really a problem.


More painting preparations.


Tim giving a hand painting the chassis.


The tub needed a bit of work, a couple of the crossmembers needed fixing and the floor needed to be secured down properly.


Tim painting the rollcage.


Both front wings were beyond repair, so after finding a set on ebay, I took over the front room to paint them.


First coat of paint for the bodywork.


Still had a lot to do but it started looking a bit better.


The new wing needed various modifications to fit round the power steering.


More Helpers!


Painting the bulkheads and replacment dash.


My sister helping out.


Because the spare wheel was too big to go on the bonnet and I was fed up of having a wheel loose in the back, I got myself a swing away carrier, bit of a pain to fit but it did the job. Please pretend i've got gloves and goggles on whilst grinding!


Prepairing the seat box for painting.


My brother and sister providing extra hands.


The seat box was past its best so needed quite a bit of work, it also need some extra strengthening to secure the seats down onto it.


Lining up the seats.


Seat box and drivers seat refitted.


Floors back in.


Got slightly carried away and bought a new steering wheel!


Ok... so i'm not the tidiest worker!


Mum coming for an inspection, and no you can't have it...


New Canvas.


Missing a few photos here but once the inside was back in there wasn't too much left to do. All the new lights and ancilleries were wired in, a new front bumper was ordered, the door seals were all refitted and I went round throwing oil and grease in wherever it was needed.


The first drive out.


Click play for a video of the Landys first drive out.


Er... only one thing fell off...


Thanks to all the help it only took six weeks to get it back on the road after I got it back from the garage. When the bumper arrived I took it for its MOT, which it promptly failed... but thankfully only on a damaged steering rod. Once that was fixed it passed with flying colours!


Painting the new bumper.


All Finished!


As mentioned earlier there were a couple if issues with the wolf wheels... being ex-army the rims were re-enforced and had run flat bands, this made them very big and heavy. The biggest problem though was the handling, they had a full off road tread which, although great in the mud, was terrible on the road. Apart from the noise, the grip on wet road was non existent, after a few scary corners I decided I needed something different. The new tyres are an inch smaller, an inch wider, have AT tread and have been far better! It's run very well for the last 12 months and (touch wood) hasn't missed a beat, hopefully this will last for some time yet.