In the middle of January (the day before my dissertation hand in) the lump known as Buttercup or more commonly 'the skip' was stolen from just outside the uni campus. The Police rang back an hour after I reported it and said it had been found. It was not in the best of states! It had been rammed through a local park gate and hammered round till, if you can believe it, they got it stuck. Mainly because they didn't know how to use the 4 wheel drive or a crash gearbox. They kept trying to get it out till the back wheels were up to the axles in mud then dumped it. It took the full pulling power of a Defender 110 and what was left of this one with my foot on the floor to get it out. Luckily nothing was stolen but they had done quite a lot of damage. The obvious body work and bumper was done as they went through the gate but they have also damaged or broken the gearbox, engine, both doors, power steering, steering column, most the lights and the ignition. It's an economic write off so, for the moment at least, that is the end of Buttercup.
Assuming the chassis is ok it is rebuildable so I may repair it and put it back on the road or use it as the basis for Hybrid trialler and so it way well return. That'll be a while off and after I've finished my uni course so for the moment it's going to end up sitting in Liverpool or at home somewhere for a few months.