It's All Black!!!
Ok, so it's been a while since I last updated these pages but that's mainly cos I haven't been doing much to the old Landy. This is partly because i'm back at uni and don't really have the time and partly because (touch wood) nothings actually been going wrong... sort of! Apart from the spraying the chassis for the winter all i've really done is replace the odd seal and paint the hard top. I did have one brake down in the outside lane of a duel carriageway in middle of rush hour which wasn't fun but it was only a electrical problem, after a day at Gemma's parents with an electrical tester I've ironed out most the electrical problems... hopefully.
The big job I needed to do before the weather got bad was to spray the chassis, one of those really horrible jobs that has to be done, luckily I don't have any pictures of what I looked like after doing because I was black from head to toe! Took about a day and the chassis is now all shiny and black!

So all in all it's running quite well at the moment, I had to take the rear hard top off the other day because the rubber clips I used to hold it down didn't last very long, I think i'll have to bolt it. It did also get us to the Lake District and almost back. It went from North Yorkshire to Liverpool and then up to Borrowdale. It ran quite happily for the weekend (see pics here) and then on the way back a bit of bodywork cut through the main battery cable and shorted it out. 3 hours later my Mum, Brother and Sister turned up with a new battery bought via my grandad. I think they quite enjoyed the drive out... after that it ran quite happily home again...